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Frequently Asked Questions

I’m looking for a Painter and Decorator. How much experience do you have? How long have you been in this trade?
Paul has been in the trade for over 25 years and has NVQ level 3 qualification.

Can you supply any references?
Yes Paul has a number of references which are all available upon request.

Will you come out to give me a quote?
Yes, Paul will be happy to visit your property to make an assessment providing that you live within 20 miles of Clitheroe. He will then provide you with a written quotation.

Do you work on your own, or do you have a team?
Paul usually carries out all work by himself but occasionally, if a job is very big, a labourer is brought in to speed up the prep work.

We want to use a particular type of paint in our bathroom, is that a good idea?
Paul will give practical advice on all types of paint to be used, and where they are best suited.

How much do you charge?
As all requirements are personal, after initial viewing of work to be Paul will provide a FREE detailed quotation, either in the form of a set price, or a daily labour charge.

Is your price inclusive of materials? Are there any hidden charges? Vat etc.
A set labour charge is agreed for the work either as a set price or a daily rate. Paul is not VAT registered so no VAT will be charged. Materials are to be paid upfront by the customer. Where extras or variations to the main price arise, these will be agreed upon before any extra materials are purchased.

Do you provide quotes for insurance work?
Yes. Paul has many years experience providing quotes for insurance claims. He can provide you with a written quote to present to your insurance company. Unfortunately, it is usually the decision of the insurance company as to which quote they accept. This is usually the cheapest quote. They don’t usually take into account the company’s reputation or credentials.

We need our house to be secured each day. Are you willing to take responsibility for this?
We have worked in the domestic environment for many years, thus giving us the knowledge and confidence to look after your property.

Will you protect any items of furniture or carpeting while you are working?
Carpets and furniture are protected using clean cotton cloth sheets and/or pvc wrapped. Where specified, extra care is taken with sensitive items and we recommend that the customer remove or protect delicate items of property.

Do you carry Insurance?
Full Public Liability Insurance is in place and Paul is happy to show you his Insurance Certificates on request for your peace of mind.

Do you clean up after the work is finished?
Absolutely! As well as taking pride in his decorating work, Paul ensures that everything is cleaned up spotless before he leaves. The house is left in a state that he would expect his own home to be in. In fact, if you wanted your whole house tidying, Paul can recommend a cleaner that can come in and do this for you too!

What if I am not happy with the work when it is completed?
Paul aims to maintain customer satisfaction throughout the work and has a very high satisfaction rate. If a customer should not be happy with the work, he would aim to put it right as soon as possible.
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